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One to one training

This is a full day hands on practice and is for any one with little or no experience of working with chocolate. It starts from the very basic to the luxury Belgian chocolates.

The course is for anyone who wishes to start their own business and make Homemade chocolate on a regular basis to sell or add the chocolates to an existing business.

You will learn all the techniques needed to become an artisan chocolatier.

  1. Equipment needed for artisan chocolatier
  2. Tempering chocolate
    1. Microwave
    2. Seeded
    3. Table
  3. Making ganaches
    1. Firm ganache
    2. Liquid ganache
    3. Fruit ganache
  4. Working with moulds
    1. Different types of moulds
    2. Decorating moulds
    3. Introduction to cocoa butter, colours
    4. Brushing powder colours
    5. Piping
    6. Highlighting detail with chocolate
  5. Filling and sealing pralines
  6. Preparing layers
    1. Introduction to Moulding tray
    2. Making simple and double praline
    3. Introducing different flavours
  7. Cutting layer of praline
  8. Dipping and decorating
    1. Enrotring truffles by hand
    2. Dipping and decorating praline
    3. Making and decorating bars
  9. Using transfers and textures sheet
    1. On moulds
    2. On plastic for lolly pops
    3. Creation of your own transfer sheet
  10. Making chocolate decore
  11. Introduce you to the packaging and supplies and how to sell your chocolates
  12. price 495 pounds
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